Various - an ear to an atmosphere

Audio Technica ART1000
The most radical redesign of the moving coil cartridge in decades resulted in the most thrilling and revealing sound from vinyl that I have encountered in a long time. By putting the coils above the stylus rather than at the other end of the cantilever Audio Technica have built an incredibly fast and resolute cartridge. High end MCS often end up being super refined, polished and tonally charming at the expense of transparency and immediacy, which means that they have coloration that benefits some recordings more than others. The ART1000 is tonally neutral, truly wideband and uncannily transparent, it doesn’t do this by tweaking the response in the upper midrange to give a strong sense of detail as can often be the case, but by employing technological advantage. At this stage the ART1000 deserves to be alarming the makers of big money cartridges, it’s clearly one of the best in the business. I only hope that the lack of a boutique brand doesn’t stop people from finding out just how incredibly good it is. It’s one of those products that leaves a hole in your listening experience when it goes, it’s a heartbreaker, but better to have lived and loved as they say.
Jason Kennedy

Various - An Ear To An AtmosphereVarious - An Ear To An AtmosphereVarious - An Ear To An AtmosphereVarious - An Ear To An Atmosphere